influencer marketing

influencer marketing

we specialise in managing campaigns with influencers in various ranges.

micro influencers

Popsicle Designs specialises in campaigns with a higher numbers of micro-influencers and a lower investment. These campaigns are more difficult to design, execute and monitor by large agencies.

far-reaching influencers

This is a “classic” campaign with a reduced number of influencers which are far-reaching profiles and require a higher investment.

mix campaign

Campaigns that combine micro- influencers’ high engagement with a strong initial impact from far-reaching profiles. These guarantee a quick message transmission
sustained over time.
influencer marketing

what sets us apart

  • Focused on Instagram growth and reach.
  • Large base of Micro-influencers.
  • We manage all agreements on media rights.
  • Excelling at multi-objectives: promotion, conversion, and attendance at events.
  • Flexibility in campaigns: promotion, contests, and discount coupons.
  • Socio-demographic targeting and advanced reporting.
  • High focus on delivering Return on Investment for each and every client.

inlfuencer process

how we develop a campaign

define campaign parameters
We discuss with you the key campaign objectives and parameters to achieve the right buzz for your brand.
suggest candidates
We suggest several influencers for the campaign using advanced search and analysis technology to ensure the right demographic is targeted.
activate selected influencers
Popsicle reaches agreements with the influencers.
manage scheduling
Popsicle Designs manages the scheduling of influencers using your specifications.
publication monitoring
We monitor all publishing according to agreed conditions.
campaign reporting
We provide the brand with a detailed report combining all reach, impressions and key KPI's over the set campaign timeframe.

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