Mike Case is Vegainz Coach. He is a vegan personal trainer who customises training and meal plans for clients. Also, he has a range of clothing and apparel available to purchase.

Mike has been a strength coach for over 10 years, first starting out in the UK, before training in NZ and now based in Melbourne, Australia. For 50% of his career as a strength coach, he has been fuelling his workouts with a whole food plant based diet. What he loves about this type of lifestyle is that it typically, it turns everything the text books tell you about nutrition and strength on its head.

Since creating the Vegainz Method, not only does he have greater energy (basically bounces off the wall), physical strength, and purpose for myself but it has also given me the avenue to help others all over the world make changes to a stronger and healthier body and mind.

When we met the Vegainz Coach, he didn’t have a website or professionally designed programs for his clients. We stepped in and created a fully functioning website where people could buy his tank tops and caps, contact him for training plans and meal plans.

Mike is a very upbeat personal trainer but also uses minimal branding. So we created a website and collateral to reflect this.  It is mostly black and white with hints of colour where appropriate.

August 13, 2018
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