Why can’t I find my business on Google?

by Popsicle Designs
November 15, 2017


Why can’t I find my business on Google?

So, your brand new website has just launched, you are pumped and telling everyone you know who will listen.

We are probably just as excited as you! (We do a little happy dance each time a new website goes live). But.. why can’t I find myself when I get on old mate Google? It takes a lot more time than most people realise.

Here are the basics: Google sends out bots that crawl your website, the bots look at all of your pages and links and report back to Google’s servers. They then show the best search results based on their algorithms.

If this is your first website, this is like a first date between your website and Google’s servers, they are making judgements based on this first meeting to the equivalent of (in non-tech terms) who offered to pay? Did they open the door for me? etc.  This may then take them up to a week to return a result in your browser.

So, How Do I Make My Business on Google Show Up?

Your website developer should be installing things in the back end to boost your SEO, linking your Google Analytics account, submitting your site to Google and offering to help set up your Google Place for Business.

There is no secret weapon to magically make your site appear at the top of the search results. But, there are plenty of things that you can do to help. Along with the work by your developer you should be:

  • Creating great content
  • Ensuring all images have relevant names and Alt Text
  • Getting other websites to link back to your website (backlinks)
  • Making sure the website is mobile responsive.

If they haven’t or you are still not showing up in search results after a few months, get in touch with us to do a free SEO Audit and no-obligation chat to see what we can to do help.

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